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- Kelita Smith, Pharmacist Manager, Paget Pharmacy

Q: What is TopCare?


A: TopCare is an alternative brand of health and beauty care.  From first-aid to vitamins, over-the-counter and pharmacy only medications and beauty aids, TopCare is an affordable range of products available exclusively at The Phoenix Stores. 

Regarding medications and remedies, TopCare products contain the same active ingredients as original brands in the same dose and strength and are absorbed into the body at the same rate.

Basically, when a pharmaceutical company initially develops a new medication, it usually applies for a patent which allows the drug to be manufactured and sold without competition for a specific period of time.  Once the patent expires, competition is allowed and other companies are able to produce and supply generic versions of the original brand of medicine.


Q: Are TopCare products exactly the same as the original brand of medicine?


A: As a generic line, TopCare products contain the same active ingredient, in the same strength and dose as the original brand.  However, medicines also contain inactive ingredients which have no therapeutic effect, but are used, for example to give a tablet a protective coating or to bind it together.  

Most folks need not worry about inactive ingredients, but if you have an allergy to lactose or certain preservatives, always ask your pharmacist for advice prior to purchase and use.

Nonetheless, generic medications are approved to operate the same way in the body as the original brand of medication.  The same strict manufacturing, quality and safety standards are applied to the generic mediation and original brand of medicine alike.


Q: Will I save money by purchasing TopCare products?


A: Yes, since initial clinical research programmes have already been performed by original brands and sales and marketing costs are often not required, TopCare is able to bring products to market for far less than original brands.  These cost savings are passed on to the customer.  Usually, TopCare products can cost anywhere from 20% - 90% less than reference brands.


Q: Which sorts of TopCare products are available at The Phoenix Stores?

A: In addition to cold and flu care, customers can expect to find pain and allergy relief, eye care, bandages, cotton swabs, oral and skin care, vitamins and loads of other health and beauty aids by TopCare.


For trusted advice, please contact your nearest pharmacist at The Phoenix Stores – we are always ready to answer any questions or concerns pertaining to your health and wellness.